This morning, early, I went to a farm in a rural community nearby to purchase raw milk. Never pasteurized, never homogenized. I saw the cows that contributed. All twelve of them. A beautiful spring morning. And there were three cattle in a pen nearby. I asked, “why are those over there?” The answer was that they are steers going to market as beef cattle. My milk lady brought out a gallon glass jar of beautiful yellowish whole fresh milk.

I thought about the fact that these simple people milk these cows daily, live essentially off the land. They do not have electricity or conveniences of modern life. They spend their days tending to the business of growing food, selling food, and making enough money to get by. Simple and elegant in a way.

Later tonight, I went to Hy Vee. Land of bright flourescent lights, men with beanies on the registers, processed, artificial food; what people call food.

Earlier tonight I made yogurt, cooked bratwurst and sourkraut with onions. Those brats were prepared with NO nitrates or preservatives of any kind. I steamed enough organic broccoli for my husband to go the four nights I will be gone this weekend. Yes, I spend my whole evening preparing his food for the next few days. I spend quite a lot of time today obtaining my beautiful milk. But what better way to spend a beautiful spring day.

I had considered the possibility of providing him frozen pizzas to last the weekend. But I could not do it. I would feel guilty not feeding him the best I know how. And I am reminded of how rare that attitude is.

Comparing food budgets with friends and family, it sometimes seems like we spend a lot. But what could be more important than providing the most wholesome, healthy, REAL food that I can for my family, such as it is. And for my self.

Truly, it is for myself that I do this. I know the difference between feeling tired and lousy from eating artificial junk, and feeling just really good from eating the basics: fresh wholesome non-toxic meat, lots of fruits and veges, and real milk and eggs from nearby farms.

I am so thankful that I have this bountiful harvest so near to my home.

It allows me to fuel my body so that I can better serve the many people who come to me looking for help.