Dietary Recommendations according to Oriental Medical Principles

In traditional Chinese medicine it is known that certain foods in excess damage specific organs. Likewise we know that particular foods nourish certain organs. Your acupuncturist will advise you on what foods to avoid and which to use to enhance your health. The detrimental effects of poor diet may lessen the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment process.

By continually consuming over-processed and refined foods, and consuming certain foods that we know undermine the health of certain organs, we damage ourselves in ways that make it difficult for acupuncture to help. Acupuncture is a mild therapy which cannot match the power of food. “Food is nature’s first medicine.”

Acupuncture of Iowa occasionally hosts cooking classes to enable patients to more effectively prepare whole foods that are delicious, simple, and health-promoting. We focus on simple and make-ahead foods that help patients lessen the tendency to use convenience foods that can be so detrimental to health.

We are also able to advise on the use of nutritional supports such as supplements and herbs, within the standards of care of the acupuncture profession.