Well, now the smell of spring is here and we have been sitting around inside all winter. And we have not stopped storing up fat for the winter, in fact, we seem to have been storing up fat for the summer lately. So it is time to go.

Benefits of being outside are so numerous I cannot mention them. But highlights are: increased Vitamin D from sunlight, increased oxygenation of your tissues, thus improving energy, mental clarity, helping with insomnia, and improving mood.

So, as you are beginning to be more active, start simple like going around your yard and picking up trash. Let your gaze move around the yard and make a mental list of what you would be inspired to do in your garden this spring. Maybe you could walk to something nearby, just a few blocks and back. Check out your neighbors’ homes, notice their gardens, see who is around. Consider getting in touch with a few of them to have some kind of a get together this summer.

You don’t have to start out on a big walking or running program right away.

Over the years, in every city I have occupied, I have seen Asian people walking slowly in my neighborhood. Often in the evening after dinner. And, yes, often the wife is walking behind her husband, but they are walking. Slowly. Walking. They apparently do this as part of their cultural activities. Interesting that this is not so common among Americans.

Simple, comfortable movement is an essential part of Asian health activities. People do Tai Chi or Qi GongĀ  in the parks in China, and everyone walks or rides bikes.

How would our country be different if more people walked or biked to their destinations?

How much money would we save on health care if we just moved more?

Today I watched my 4 year old niece dancing at lunchtime. I thought to myself, “how did I get from there to here?”

Today I will move more.