In the search for low carb things that would satisfy the urge to eat mounds of carbs, this one has really served my family well. At first you may be struck by the fact that it does not exactly taste like potatoes, but rather like cauliflower. Over time you will learn to love it just for itself. It may be familiar to many of you, but here is my rendition. In accord with Schwarzbein principles, full fat cream and butter are used. You may substitute olive oil or lower fat half and half, but the nutrition benefits of the full fat are tremendous.

Cauliflower “Mashed Potatoes”

1 large head cauliflower, rinsed, leaves and core removed, broken into smaller pieces

2T butter

1 T dehydrated chicken stock. (not boulliion) or 2 T chicken broth/stock

1-2 T heavy cream

Salt and pepper to taste

Steam the cauliflower till very tender. Place in food processor along with butter and chicken broth and whir to chop fine. Drizzle in the cream while whirring to get a creamy but still thick mixture. It will not be as thick and stiff as mashed potatoes, but will be just as yummy.  Season with salt and pepper.

You could do variations on this by adding sauteed chopped green or red bell peppers after it is done, or steam some onions with the cauliflower. Or saute onions and add them at the end. Or you could use half potatoes and half cauliflower.