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  • What We Do

    Acupuncture of Iowa is Eastern Iowa’s premier acupuncture clinic. Licensed acupuncturist Laura Christensen provides acupuncture and related Oriental Medical Therapies, such as TCM acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, 5 Phase acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, electroacupuncture, auricular acupuncture, laser acupuncture, acupressure, health coaching and lifestyle recommendations, dietary therapies, traditional Chinese herbal therapy, therapeutic activity recommendations, and more. At Acupuncture of Iowa, Laura specializes in treating back pain, leg pain, knee pain, shoulder pain,

  • What To Expect

    Before your session, please do not come directly from a heavy meal. Leave at least half an hour between eating and the time that the session begins. If you take medications, take your usual doses and let us know what you have taken that day. When coming for acupuncture, you do not need to dress for the occasion. We usually have patients disrobe for treatment, and they are draped for privacy just as in professional massage. I have sheets and blankets to make you comfortable. The room is kept warm as most people get cool during the treatments.

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Why Acupuncture?

  • Chinese medicine is one of the oldest and most developed forms of medicine on the planet, having had at least 1500 years of development recorded in written texts. Acupuncture is widely practiced in Southeast Asia and China, as well as extensively in Europe and even in South America. There is even an acupuncture training program at the Harvard Medical School.
  • Research has shown that acupuncture is extremely safe, when practiced by properly trained practitioners. The NIH has published a "consensus statement" on the safety and effectiveness of acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture works on the body's many different systems at the same time, helping in numerous ways. Through the insertion of fine solid sterile needles, an acupuncturist can help your body regain the balance it has lost, using time-tested treatment methods.

Steps to Healing

  • 01Consultation

    Our initial visit with you includes an extensive interview and examination and an explanation about how we can help you. This will include obtaining information that helps us understand you in the Western medical framework, and information that is essential for us to assess you in the Chinese medical framework.

  • 02Treatment

    Your treatment at our clinic might include acupuncture and related body therapies like cupping and electrostim. It might also involve dietary therapies such as traditional Chinese herbal remedies, designed just for you. We might also recommend exercise based on an Asian medical understanding of your situation.

  • 03Followup

    After the initial visits, your acupuncturist will recommend a follow up or maintenance schedule. You may decide to continue treatment regularly, as many of our patients do. Some people come twice per month, every three weeks, or once per month. It is also common for folks to come in for a seasonal tune-up.


What people are saying!

Acupuncture greatly improves my quality of life by reducing my chronic pain level and my fatigue. Acupuncture rejuvenates me. Laura is kind, gentle, caring and knowledgeable. She listens carefully and tailors each acupuncture session to meet my needs. As a health care provider, I rate her as superb.  G.M. West Liberty, IA

Better Quality of Life

...I always felt so relaxed after a treatment and I attribute that as one of the main reasons I became pregnant! Thanks again for everything!  S.S. Iowa City

Thanks for Everything!

I am so happy I came to you to be treated. My pain level has dropped quite a bit I was literally crying most of the day at work because of the pain before seeing you. I haven't cried since coming to see you. my muscles still burn and have back and neck pain but has drastically dropped. I can actually get out of bed in the morning and walk, what a huge difference. I want to thank you for treating me and doing what you do for people like me. I'm very grateful.

Amazing Relief

I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the amazing care. I slept through the night after my treatment without any pain. That blows my mind. I'm just really thankful that I met you and the dogs. It honestly felt like meeting an old friend if that doesn't sound too weird. I felt a connection. I am so isolated in this illness and so afraid of the situation that I am in and I just want you to understand how much it meant to me to meet you, Laura.

MB, Coralville, IA
Testimonial 6

I came for elbow pain and tendinitis. I had the problem for 6 months and it was persistent. I could not lift anything with my left arm. I had been trying anti-inflammatory pills and they were not much help. After 4 treatments the problem is 65% better. I am progressing well and I can lift things and use my left arm a lot easier. During the treatment I felt at ease and felt that it was working. The clinic is great and the staff is very knowledgeable I'd recommend acupuncture to anyone with issues because the treatments do work.

D.B. - Iowa City
Testimonial 5

I came for acupuncture because I was having numbness the doctors thought was MS. I was unsteady on my feet and walking was difficult. I had tried drugs for MS and Lyrica, physical therapy, healings and biofeedback. After my first session with Laura the feeling began to return to my numb arm. I can now do more in my life. Laura deeply listens to you and also helps with her herbal pharmacy. I no longer have severe sinus infections that turn into bronchitis.

L.M. - Mt Pleasant, IA
Testimonial 4

I have only praises to say about our encounter the other day, especially about the after effects of your treatment. After the treatment I felt very good, as if something had really been done to my muscles. Since the treatment I have no longer had my prior muscle pain during yoga and pilates classes.

Z.A. - Iowa City
Testimonial 3

Laura Christensen's acupuncture is highly effective - she identifies and treats imbalances helping to heal long-standing physical conditions.  Her nutrititional suggestions are targeted - prioritizing a few key supplements producing the greatest benefits. Beyond physical improvements, I have experienced greater mental clarity and emotional wellbeing that I attribute to her work with me.

S.K. - Iowa City
Testimonial 2

I came to acupuncture because of heavy menstrual bleeding. My doctor wanted to put me on hormone replacement. With acupuncture, the bleeding stopped, and I overcame my allergies to cats, beer and wine. Laura has also helped immensely with my sciatic pain. My neuropathology in my feet is also under better control now that I have acupuncture regularly. My blood pressure has also normalized without medication. The clinic is tranquil and relaxing and I'd recommend acupuncture to anyone because there are so many health benefits.

D.K. - Burlington, IA
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Meet Laura

Acupuncture Practitioner

Laura Christensen, M.A., M.Ac., L.Ac.

Laura Christensen is a graduate of Oberlin College, BA in Biology and premedical studies, earned her 1984 Master’s in Acupuncture (M.Ac.) at the New England School of Acupuncture in Boston and has over 3500 hours of training in acupuncture and professional Chinese herbology.She is a Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist, Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM), and Iowa Licensed Acupuncturist (current).


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Our Location:
2412 Towncrest Dr. Iowa City, IA 52240
We are located in the Towncrest Center, south of Muscatine Ave, a half block south of the CVS and BP station, and facing the orthodontist clinic and Iowa City Hospice on Wade Street. Progressive Rehab is directly across from us on Towncrest Drive. There is plenty of free parking in front of our clinic, and on the west and south sides.
We are served by the Towncrest bus line. There is a stop just around the corner on Muscatine Ave, both coming out and going back to town. The buns runs at 10 after and 40 after the hour during peak times.