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Memberships Offered

Once you have established care, made progress in your initial care plan to the point where you are in maintenance, or just want to set up weekly, biweekly, or monthly tune-ups, these Membership plans will make your care affordable.

Each level of care will include discounts on supplements, regular Acugraph re-evaluations, and nutritional, lifestyle, and herbal coaching and advice. We can regularly auto-debit your card, or you may prepay.

Monthly Visit Membership

  • 12 monthly visits
  • $20 discount
  • Ideal for Maintenance
  • Includes 10% discount on supplements and supplies
  • Autodebit monthly or prepay entire year
  • Schedule online for convenience

Prepay entire year at $1020
($85 per visit)

Acupuncture of Iowa Iowa City Monthly Membership
Acupuncture of Iowa Iowa City Biweekly Membership

Biweekly Visit Membership

  • 24 visits per year
  • Visits bi-weekly
  • Excellent for maintenance
  • Monthly Acugraph
  • Nutrition Advice Included
  • Lifestyle coaching included
  • 10% discount on supplements

Prepay year at $1920
($80 per visit)

Weekly Visit Membership

  • 48 visits per year
  • 1 visit weekly
  • For maintenance or ongoing care
  • Monthly Acugraph
  • Includes lifestyle, nutrition, and herbal coaching
  • 10% discount on Supplements and Supplies

Prepaid in two 6 month increments of $1800 or one payment of $3600
($75 per visit)

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