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Packages Offered

All patients will require an additional $60 fee for initial exam, baseline Acugraph assessment, and comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning at first visit.

Purchase a prepaid program to get a discount and make your visit quick. Schedule your entire series of visits ahead so you can get in and out fast. Your clinician will advise on the number of visits recommended when you have your initial evaluation and treatment planning visit.

Welcome Program

  • Ideal to try acupuncture
  • Good for acute issues in very healthy people
  • Sessions on your terms
  • 1 to 6 visits
  • 1 Acugraph included at initial evaluation

$105 per visit
Due at time of service

Acupuncture of Iowa Iowa City Welcome Program
Acupuncture of Iowa Iowa City Progress Program

Progress Program

  • 10 visits in 1 month
  • 2-3 visits weekly
  • Treatment Plan included
  • For moderate problems
  • For less healthy folks
  • Follow up AcuGraph at 10th visit
  • Nutrition advice included
  • Lifestyle coaching included
  • 5% discount on supplements

Prepay $976 (7% discount)
$95.60 per visit

Optimal Health Program

  • 20 visits in 2-3 months
  • 2-3 visits weekly
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Chronic, long term or challenging problems
  • For less healthy folks
  • AcuGraph at #10 and #20
  • Includes lifestyle, nutrition coaching
  • 10% discount on supplements

$1890 (10% discount)
$94.50 per visit

Acupuncture of Iowa Iowa City Optimal Health Program