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Introductory Videos

In this series of Videos Laura Christensen, Licensed Acupuncturist, is in her clinic treatment room with a background of a handmade quilt handed down to her by her great grandmother. The pattern is Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Made entirely of scraps of cotton cloth left over from making clothes, the fabrics are typical of garments in the 1930s and ‘40s. The hexagonal pieces are stitched together by hand, and the entire quilt is quilted by hand in fine stitches.

This would be a typical activity for a woman in her middle age, living alone in a large farmhouse heated only by one coal stove. Many long cold nights were occupied listening to the radio and stitching. This quilt was undoubtedly also used as a bed cover for many, many years. Laura enjoys using handmade quilts to soften her treatment rooms and impart a sense of comfort to patients.

Introduction to the acupuncture style that we do at Acupuncture of Iowa and what to expect in the process of care with us. Laura Christensen answers the most common questions people have about acupuncture.
How we evaluate and create your treatment plan at Acupuncture of Iowa. Laura Christensen discusses how your general health affects the treatment plan, where the needles might go, and how long you will lie on the table.
Information about ear acupuncture and how we use it at Acupuncture of Iowa, discussed by Laura Christensen
Laura Christensen discusses common problems that affect the health of many people and can block the effect of acupuncture.
Information about the AcuGraph program that we use at Acupuncture of Iowa. Laura Christensen talks about the history of the AcuGraph and how it is used at our clinic to evaluate you and document your improvement.