Spring Detox Time Again

We are all feeling a bit toxic these days. From not exercising as much as usual, from eating the heavier, starchier winter foods, and from breathing that old indoor air for so many months. We feel the beginnings of spring and crave that great feeling of energy. This makes us think of the idea of cleaning up/out our bodies to prepare for warm weather. We might want to lose a little weight, get more energy, or get rid of that old brain fog from the winter. Lots of people come to the clinic asking what I recommend for a spring ‘cleanse’.

Most people don’t know this, but acupuncture treatment helps the body detoxify.

My teacher Miki Shima OMD, used to say that acupuncture is an inherently detoxifying process. By that he meant that it switches on the Liver to more efficiently clear toxins from the body.

For many years we have seen the occasional patient who feels tired or achy the day after the treatment. This is a sign that their body is going through a detoxification process, and the toxins are only halfway out of the system. Once the toxins are gone, they feel a lot better.

Nowadays, know how to avoid having this happen with our clients. And we have some really good strategies to do that.

Consider using acupuncture to help your spring detoxification regimen. Or adding it to a cleanse that you are already doing.