Acupuncture Found Effective for Obesity Reduction

Acupuncture Found Effective for Obesity Reduction 10 MAY 2018 Researchers find acupuncture effective for the treatment of obesity. Results were obtained by implementing a protocolized body acupuncture point prescription without a diet or exercise program. [1] In a five week clinical trial, patients receiving acupuncture achieved a 2.9 kg mean weight loss and the decrease … Continue reading Acupuncture Found Effective for Obesity Reduction

Spring Brings Wind

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is thought that wind brings with it the viruses and allergies that we all suffer. These often enter through two acupoints on the back of the neck, called Wind Gate. you can find these points by going from the center of your neck, at the top, just under the occiput, … Continue reading Spring Brings Wind

Response to Medical Attack on Supplement Use

I was as shocked as anyone to hear about the recent announcement in the press that some doctors have said that supplements are a complete waste. I finally found this cogent and expert response. This came from Orthomolecular Products, which of course has a financial interest in the subject. “As you are likely aware from … Continue reading Response to Medical Attack on Supplement Use

Penelope Cruz with Acupuncture Ear Beads Cruz was spotted wearing auriculotherapy at the January 10 premiere of “Venuto Al Mondo.” (Image credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images) The swath of tiny studs in Penelope Cruz’s ear isn’t the latest piercing fashion – it’s auriculotherapy, a form of acupuncture used to fight stress, pain and infertility. The gold beads were spotted Jan. 10 at the Madrid premiere … Continue reading Penelope Cruz with Acupuncture Ear Beads

Deceptive Warm Fall Days

It seems very warm here in Iowa, actually, the daily temps are about 20 degrees higher than normal for our area. So we are all wearing shorts and flip flops. But in the clinic we are seeing lots of colds and intestinal bugs circulating. People always say that after school starts everyone gets sick. This … Continue reading Deceptive Warm Fall Days

Dr. Terry Wahls Nutrition at our Clinic

After attending Terry Wahls talk, Acupuncture of Iowa promotes her approach to nutrition, as it is in line with the Oriental Medical perspective on healing the body with diet and nutrition. Dr. Wahls book is available for purchase at the clinic.

Healing Through Whole Foods

We just got back from a two day workshop with Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods. It was very interesting, if not daunting. His book is a huge one, full of information about Chinese medicine and using diet to heal diseases. The big news was that parasites are a huge part of most … Continue reading Healing Through Whole Foods