Telemedicine Available for Chinese Herb Treatment

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Telemedicine  available now for Chinese herb treatment of infections.

For new and existing patients we are immediately offering telemedicine video conferences for you to discuss your health concerns with Laura Christensen LAc over a secure, HIPPA compliant connection.

Just go to our Patient Tools tab on our website, click “create appointment” and you will either open your patient account or create one. Then scroll to the bottom of the list of services and choose Telemedicine consult 60 min. If you are coming back for a check-in, choose either 30 minute or 15 minute for your time. Then the available appointments will be highlighted in our calendar. You will receive an email reminder about an hour before your video call.

Then be sure your computer is on, you have either headset with mic, or a set of earbuds with mic, and computer camera ready to go. You can test those using the settings function on your computer. Also be sure you have a fast internet connection. If not fast enough, the system will invite you to convert to just an audio session. We would prefer to collect your fee by credit card at the beginning of the session and we have a virtual terminal to enter this charge without swiping your card. Prepare for your meeting also by having a list of what you’d like to address, and a way to take notes during the conversation.

If you are sick, Laura will need a good image of your tongue in order to prescribe the proper chinese herb formula. She is up to date in studying these formulas and her pharmacy is prepared to prescribe specialized ones based on the recent experiences of the Chinese doctors in China.

Laura will either guide you to where to purchase the appropriate herb formula, or will compound it in her pharmacy and you can pick it up at the office. Long distance patients cannot be well served with this system, as the formula could change every day or so and immediately modifying the prescription could be necessary.

We can also recommend nutritional supplements that will support your immune system or help you recover from the acute stage of a viral infection. We can also support those suffering from allergies at this time of year in the US.

Watch this space for changes in our telemedicine news.

Call 319-341-0031. We look very much forward to serving you.