July 4th Weekend and FOOD

purple-flowerFor those of us managing autoimmune conditions, a big holiday weekend like this can be challenging. As I am currently on AIP, I am not eating grains, dairy, legumes, nuts, seeds, or nightshade veggies. That means no bun with my burger, no ice cream, no chips, no potato salad, no tabbouleh, no hummus…..

So, I’m getting prepared for my weekend eating events. Making my own AIP friendly ice “cream”, preparing a sweet potato salad to take along to share, and getting a few little things ready to take along in case there is nothing I can eat at one of the events. I love Epic bars for my protein, but I also love Nick’s Sticks. My special recent favorite is the Salmon sticks with maple flavor. Wow. I’ll have a couple of those in my purse.

I’ll also choose not to have beer, which has gluten in it, and greatly limit the wine. I’m already off of coffee, but I might take along a green tea iced tea to share. It might have lemon and perhaps even ginger for flavor.

I’m getting excited planning all the food for the weekend. And looking forward to a nice time with family and friends.

By planning ahead and anticipating the kinds of foods that will be offered, I can keep myself on track and have no regrets on Tuesday morning.