Electrolytes and the Dog days of Summer

Here we are, first of August, and its hot. We’re watering our plants and trying to avoid being out in the midday heat. Its stressful on our bodies and we need to take some extra precautions.

One of the things is to be sure that your electrolyte levels are good. You may be drinking a lot more water, but if it’s too much it could deplete your minerals from your body. If you are experiencing night time leg cramps, it could be an indication of poor electrolyte status in your system.

My favorite blend to support my electrolytes is the following:

1 T Himalayan pink salt granules or Redmond’s Real Salt

1 T potassium citrate granules (Now brand)

1/8 tsp Magnesium Malate powder

I like dissolving these in a 16 oz glass of water or in my 1 liter water bottle, along with a dash of bottled lemon juice and 1 drop of liquid stevia. I drink this at least once daily and it really helps. The vast array of minerals in the salt is very helpful, the ratio of actual milligrams of sodium to potassium here is good, and the pinch of magnesium balances it all out. You can use more magnesium if you like, but some people get diarrhea. Go slow.

Try my blend. I think you’ll like it, and besides, its a lot more affordable than the junk they sell at the grocery store, the natural foods store, or even on the internet. And it has no colors or flavorings you might react to.

Have a good rest of your summer!