Its that time again: Seasonal Allergies

Yes, the last frost was last night in Iowa City, so we are now entering into “the spring and summer” when all kinds of dampness is making molds happy and all kinds of spores and pollen are going to be bothering us as we frolic in the sun.

So, are you ready?

We recognize the complex nature of “allergies” but we also know that some simple solutions can make an enormous difference in helping us cope, now that we can get outside.

  1. Quercitin, this bioflavonoid really helps mucus membranes and reduces histamine issues, abotu 500 mg twice daily
  2. Liver health: many things can support liver and many of them assist the body in reducing the load of toxins and aggravating things that are making it hard to survive seasonal allergies. One good thing is N Acetyl cysteine, which is a precursor to glutathione, which is a component of liver detox biology. Take about 100 mg twice daily. And don’t forget dandelions. They are beginning to bloom around here. When you dig them from your yard, make a mess of greens from the leaves, but be sure they have not been treated with lawn chemicals….the bitterness in greens is super healthy for you.
  3. Neti Pot: rinsing the nostrils twice daily with weak salt water made from filtered water can help rinse away all the junk you have accumulated in your nose. This is especially helpful when you have been out in the garden all day.
  4. Reduce dairy consumption: traditionally, ingesting dairy has been thought to increase phlegm production in the nose and lungs. I’d say do an experiment: eliminate all dairy for a month and see how you feel. If you are better then it has helped, if not, try something else.
  5. Eat clean: many of us have noticed that when we eat a lot of processed foods we have a lot more vulnerability to allergies. Again, do the experiment to see for yourself. You might be very surprised.
  6. Supplements like Natural D-Hist from Orthomolecular. This great product includes quercitin and NAC and some other things that can really help. They even have one for kids. We always have this in stock and it flies off the shelves.
  7. Clean your house and run air filters in your bedroom. No matter what else you do, if your house is dusty, you cannot get ahead of allergies. And remember you will be in bed for 6 yo 9 hours a day, so breath filtered air, please.

And you can always call the office to set up a telehealth visit with Laura.

Call 319-341-0031 to do that.

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Get Out and Have Fun in the Sun!