Acupuncture and Weight Loss

You have probably heard about acupuncture for weight loss. And everybody is looking for weight loss.

In the past we tried using the standard ear acupuncture protocol for weight loss, but found that it did not produce the results our clients had hoped for. This was very disappointing, because we really want to help people.

Recently I was reminded about the fact that we can do so much more for people to help with weight loss.

In Oriental Medicine terms, people are overweight because of an imbalance in their system. It could be what we call Spleen Qi deficiency, Excess damp accumulation, or many other possibilities. In our medicine, the focus of a good weight loss program is to rebalance that which is out of balance. That means to support the Qi of the Spleen to improve digestion, reduce sugar cravings, and utilize the energy of food better. Or to rid the body of the excessive dampness that is sitting there in the form of swelling. These are just two examples.

Oriental therapies help optimize all aspects of physiology. This means that people who ‘just can’t lose weight’ actually can be helped. Whatever physiological processes are out of balance can be optimized, resulting in overall health improvement and the natural loss of weight. You could say that their metabolism is improved.

So, the idea is that with our combination of acupuncture treatments and herbal supplementation, as well as sensible dietary advice and moderate lifestyle changes, we can bring the body into a much healthier state, resulting in weight loss. This means no drastic calorie restriction; perhaps no calorie counting at all. It also means personalized treatment plans for each person; no one-size-fits all treatment. It also means that in addition to weight loss, a person would probably find many other things improving at the same time. We call those ‘side benefits’.

So, Oriental medicine, including acupuncture, herbal treatment, sensible eating and activity can result in a healthy body naturally.

We are happy to welcome patients for this type of care.