Seasonal Allergy Solutions

Acupuncture of Iowa Iowa City Blogs header foodEvery blooming thing is blooming right now. In Iowa we are having perfect weather and the increase in biomass daily is awesome. And nature is in the mood for reproduction. So we have pollen. Pollen and more pollen. And allergies.

In our clinic we are using a group of products that are proving to be very helpful for allergies and here they are:

Natural D-Hist from Orthomolecular products. Take 2 twice daily for basic prevention. You can take more or less as needed. It containes quercitin, stinging nettles and Vitamin C, along with N-acetyl cysteine to support the liver.

Rootology Breathe Free, nasal, sinus, eye health.  This is an american “remake” of an old standard Chinese herb formula called Bi Yan Pian (open up stuffy nose pills, I used to call it). It contains magnolia flower, xanthium fruit, platycodon root, angelica sinensis root (the one for noses), forsythia fruit, cinnamon twig, schizonepeta stem, ledebouriella root, schizandra fruit, phellodendron bark, and licorice root to harmonize them all. This formula has the property of clearing “wind”, opening the nasal orifice, helping with sinus pain, supporting the lungs, anti-inflammatory and a little anti-viral support, and immune support. You can take this one as needed, two pills when you need them, or take two 1, 2, 3, or 4 times daily. It is safe to use alongside claritin or any other kind of OTC allergy medicine. It is safe for kids and really works.

The last thing to mention is anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin E and so on. These helpful nutrients assist your liver in getting rid of toxins that might be adding to the burden on your immune system and making you more allergy prone. You can get these types of nutrients from an anti-oxidant blend like Resvoxitrol or a good multivitamin like Alpha Base from Orthomolecular Products.

Call us for more information and a video consultation on how you can get help for your allergies.

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