CUPPING is here

DSC09539Cupping at Acupuncture of Iowa is safe and effective. Laura Christensen is a Licensed Acupuncturist who practices cupping and all other asian medical therapies professionally and safely. Cupping is effective for many types of pain and muscle tension. This interesting and unusual therapy is common in homes throughout East Asia. It has become more well known in the past few years due to the use of it by Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer who showed up with cupping marks when he began his races.

Cupping at Acupuncture of Iowa helps with pain by stretching muscles and fascia or connective tissue within muscle and under the skin. It improves blood flow in the area, and is said to strengthen the immune system as well. It is a fascinating therapy that is used all over the Eastern hemisphere.

Cupping, when performed by a licensed professional acupuncturist, is safe and effective. Treatments can be repeated once per week or so. Call today to schedule your appointment. 319-341-0031