Acupuncture Beats Drugs for Prostatitis

Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Prostatitis 20 NOVEMBER 2018 Acupuncture outperforms drugs for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Researchers from the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University gathered objective and subjective data in a controlled clinical trial consisting of patients with chronic prostatitis. The acupuncture treatment group achieved a total effective rate of 87.5% and … Continue reading Acupuncture Beats Drugs for Prostatitis

Acupuncture Fights Influenza

Acupuncture Fights Influenza, Decreases Mortality Rate 26 OCTOBER 2018 Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of influenza. Two independent investigations confirm acupuncture’s efficacy for fighting influenza. One laboratory investigation tested acupuncture as a monotherapy and determined that acupuncture lowers mortality rates, increases serum interferon levels, and improves the phagocytosis of viruses. Another investigation finds acupuncture … Continue reading Acupuncture Fights Influenza

Acupuncture Promotes Bone Fracture Recovery

Acupuncture Promotes Bone Fracture Recovery 12 SEPTEMBER 2018 Acupuncture promotes the healing of bone fractures. Two independent investigations confirm that the addition of acupuncture to usual care protocols increases positive patient outcomes rates. Researchers find acupuncture effective for assisting in the restoration of mobility and reductions in both pain and inflammation. The first investigation was … Continue reading Acupuncture Promotes Bone Fracture Recovery

Acupuncture Relief of Nasal Allergies Confirmed

Acupuncture Relief Of Nasal Allergies Confirmed 26 APRIL 2018 Acupuncture soothes nasal allergy symptoms. Investigators at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital conducted a meta-analysis of 30 independent clinical trials with a sample size of 2,602 allergic rhinitis patients. [1] The researchers (Tang et al.) conclude, “Acupuncture, either used alone or combined with … Continue reading Acupuncture Relief of Nasal Allergies Confirmed

Supplements: do they really contain what the label says?

What is on the label? Do you buy over the counter dietary supplements? Whether it be Vitamin D or something called Immune Support, or just a simple multivitamin? I bet all of you! I too, am one of those people. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lisa. I am one … Continue reading Supplements: do they really contain what the label says?

Dr. Terry Wahls Nutrition at our Clinic

After attending Terry Wahls talk, Acupuncture of Iowa promotes her approach to nutrition, as it is in line with the Oriental Medical perspective on healing the body with diet and nutrition. Dr. Wahls book is available for purchase at the clinic.

Healing Through Whole Foods

We just got back from a two day workshop with Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods. It was very interesting, if not daunting. His book is a huge one, full of information about Chinese medicine and using diet to heal diseases. The big news was that parasites are a huge part of most … Continue reading Healing Through Whole Foods