Electroacupuncture is Effective for Lots of Problems

Here at Acupuncture of Iowa we’ve been using electroacupuncture for a couple of years and we’d like to tell you what we’ve learned.

It is safe, comfortable, and effective. Those are the three big things.

The electrical devices that we use are very gentle yet powerful, and we have seen our treatments are more effective than ever using this help. They are run on common 9 volt batteries so there is no crazy shocking and nothing plugged into the wall. The stimulation can be very carefully regulated for your comfort. Many people say that they cannot feel the tapping sensation at all.

Why are we doing this? One of the most important resources in your body is electrons. Yes, electricity. It actually powers all the functions of your body. But over the course of our lives we run out of this resource. When disease or pain shows up, that’s a sign that you are low on voltage. Therefore we know increasing your voltage is one of the very best things we can do for you. Our treatments increase your body’s ability to heal itself by increasing your voltage. One of our mentors, Dr Jerry Tennant, has come up with this very comprehensive view of the importance of electricity for re-fueling the body, and we follow his model to a great degree

Electroacupuncture is especially effective for the kinds of tough problems our patients bring to us all the time. It is very well matched to the chronic problems that people are living with these days, and helps on many levels, not only getting rid of pain.

We see great results with fatigue, pain, neuropathy, post surgical problems, auto-immune issues, digestive illness, cancer support, anxiety, depression, insomnia,

and more.

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