I am thrilled  to announce the arrival of our new associate, Laura McCoy.

Laura is an Iowa City native, having lived in the Seattle area for the last 30 years. She did her undergraduate education in Exercise Physiology, became a Certified Athletic Trainer and worked with pro athletes for many years. In the early 200os she entered acupuncture school in the Seattle area and got her Master’s in Acupuncture. She then worked in one of the most successful acupuncture clinics in the country, where she honed her skills in diagnosis and mastered a powerful method of acupuncture, The Balance Method. After moving on from that clinic, she gained more experience in the complementary medicine field by working in a nutrition clinic. There she gained education about the precise evaluation of patients for their nutritional needs and mastered the use of whole-food-based supplements to support patients’ bodies in healing themselves. This method is based on research and fits with our clinic goal of helping our patients by using dietary therapies in accord with the principles of Oriental medicine.

Laura M has returned from Seattle to Iowa City to be closer to family, and we were very lucky to have her come along. She was aware of Laura C’s reputation and thus sought out our clinic. Laura M is a go-getter and has lots of great ideas about how to promote acupuncture in our area and thus help more people.

Laura M is excited to bring her wide-ranging skills to us. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are impressive. She is committed to enabling patients to heal themselves using whole foods and healthy body therapies. She and Laura C are working many hours at present to integrate her materials and methods into the clinic.

Laura McCoy will be joyfully providing the following services at Acupuncture of Iowa:

—Oriental Medicine assessments through history, tongue, and pulse diagnosis

—Acupuncture, using the Balance Method and Japanese Style in a blended manner

—Nutritional Consultation and Programs in harmony with the principles of Oriental medicine

—Individualized programs for rehabilitation of injuries

—Individualized exercise programs for wellness, strength, and healing

—Individualized treatment of acute and chronic problems with the tools of the athletic trainer