More introduction to Feng Shui for everyone. And a review for some.

Today I want to write about the area that corresponds to your reputation or fame. This is the area of a room that is at the center of the wall which is directly across from you when you walk in the door. It corresponds with the direction of South, the element of Fire, the color Red. It relates to how others see you. Your reputation in your community, your family, your workplace, and other groups you participate in.

This can be an important area to enhance if you are looking for a new job, starting a business, or just trying to repair some relationships. It is especially important if you have problems with self esteem or problems with how people see you.

In your analysis of your home or other space, look at what is in the area of the wall opposite the door at about the 12 o’clock position on the clock face. Do you have a window there? If so, Qi may be leaking out and injuring the available energy in that area. Do you have a large piece of furniture there that blocks Qi? Or do you have something broken, dirty, ugly, or something you just don’t like.

It is very important that if you have such an obstruction or problem in that area, to remedy it. That means clean, repair, get rid of, or otherwise deal with it. That is always the first thing. If a window is leaking Qi, find a drapery, shutters, or other attractive thing to block or partially block the window. In one of my offices I have red sheer drapes, to both block the leakage of Qi, and contribute to the energy of that area, since the color there is red.

If you don’t have a problem there, consider enhancing that spot with something that either symbolizes the reputation you want to have, is red in color, or has the shape and/or color of fire. You could use a piece of artwork that shows fire, a red flower, like a Georgia O’Keefe painting (one of my favorites for this area), or something beautiful and valuable. You could also put something that represents your reputation as you want it to be known, such as your diplomas, a fantastic creation of yours, or another thing that symbolizes the reputation you want to have.

In my new clinic, I realized that the treatment rooms in the reputation part of the clinic could be occupied either by me, or by my associates. I decided to take over those rooms, so that I can carefully influence the reputation of the clinic, and of myself by beautifully decorating them. I feel that this is very important for the success of the clinic. And I have chosen to place a large photo of a red peony just opposite the door of the waiting room so that people will see it when they first walk in. What a great start to their time in the clinic.

It is really fun and interesting to play with this stuff. And it is not hocus pocus. It is a system that, I believe, codifies the way the human mind responds to and correlates symbols and experiences.

Come and check out the big red flower in my waiting room, starting August 2!