Now that we are getting into the last of winter, many people are feeling cabin fever. Part of this feeling of being a little fat, a little sluggish, and a little down may be due to the accumulation of toxins from the long winter of holiday foods, perhaps increased alcohol intake, breathing less outdoor air, and exercising less often.

It is traditional in many cultures to detoxify through fasting and other means at this time. The fasting associated with Lent is one example.

People ask me all the time about what I suggest for a ‘cleanse’. I have many approaches that I can recommend, but this year I have begun using a system that I believe is very thorough and deep. It is a month long program of using a group of three supplements to upregulate liver and kidney detoxification processes, along with a series of meal-replacement type shakes that enhance that process by optimizing nutrition for detox, as well as doing the colon cleansing that is such an important part of cleansing.

This system comes from Designs For Health. ( The educational program  is often done in a group setting, but can also be done individually.

I have just finished the month-long process and I am really feeling clearer, more energetic, and have lost some weight. I have found I am craving sugar and processed foods less, and can sense the effects of food on my system much more clearly.  I intend to do the process once or twice a year from here on.

Call the clinic and I can discuss the program with you. It can be customized for the individual.

More next time about food-based detoxification ideas.