This winter I challenged my husband to try to get 9 servings a day of fruits and veges. Somewhere I had read that and it sounded like a good idea to see what it would be like. Of course, he was home all day eating apples and oranges, and I was at work eating snacks of high protein like cheese and nuts to keep my energy up. So I had to really get in a lot of them at suppertime.

In the spirit of getting as many veges as possible, from the greatest number of sources, I have found this recipe to be a great one. For all you brussels sprouts haters, you might be surprised at how sweet and yummy they can be. I think this recipe originally came from Gourmet and it has been a favorite at many family holiday dinners.

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts Shreds

2 lb or so brussels sprouts, trimmed. Shred them by putting through the slicing blade of the food processor, or just cut each one into tiny slices, as thin as possible

2 T Extra virgin olive oil

2 T butter or more, REAL BUTTER ONLY

1/2 cup toasted chopped pecans, or sunflower seeds, or pine nuts, or whatever you like. Toast in the oven till just a little brown and fragrant, about 325 for 10 minutes. Stir often.

In a large skillet on medium high, combine olive oil and butter. When they are hot and melted, dump in the brussels sprouts shreds and get to stirring. Cook and stir. Add some salt and pepper to your taste, cook and stir till they are a little yellow, softish and sweet. You can taste. If you like they can be more raw, or more cooked if you want. I like them to be a little bright green mixed with some soft yellow ones for a balance of less and more cooked. Add in the nuts and serve.

This keeps well in a tightly closed container in the fridge. One batch will provide me about 5 two cup servings. That is equivalent to about 20 official servings of veges. These are so yummy that I pretty much don’t make brussels sprouts any other way. None of the bitterness of other methods of cooking.

Now get to the vege eating!