Do you have Burning, Pain, and Numbness in your Feet?

Introducing our Peripheral Neuropathy Program! Includes 3 months of treatment and all supplements.

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for peripheral neuropathy, which caused by damage to the nerves in feet, legs, hands and arms or other parts of the body, leading to things like pain, numbness, burning and tingling.

Peripheral neuropathy comes from various causes, including diabetes, chemotherapy, toxic exposures, low B vitamin levels, or other medical conditions. Common treatments primarily focus on covering up the problem with drugs but this is not very effective and can cause side effects. Acupuncture addresses the underlying damage to nerves that has caused these annoying symptoms.

In order to help peripheral neuropathy, acupuncturists target points along nerve pathways and improve blood circulation to help heal nerves. Acupuncture enhances blood flow, reduces inflammation, and regenerates nerve, ultimately alleviating the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Several studies have explored the potential benefits of acupuncture in managing peripheral neuropathy. An overview of the many studies on peripheral neuropathy using various types of medical therapy shows that acupuncture is effective as a treatment for this.

In our office we have seen excellent results helping people with this difficult condition. We know that it may require a quite a few treatments to help, and that other therapies can help a lot if added to the acupuncture, so we’ve created our Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Package. We are super excited to be able to help all the people out there who are having trouble walking, difficulty with daily activities, and who are not able to do what they want due to this challenging problem.

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