New U of I course next semester

Laura has been chosen by the University of Iowa to teach “Studies in Complementary and Alternative Medicine” starting in January. It is a survey course, taught in the Global Health Studies Program. This course will be an overview of many of the major ideas and approaches that make up Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the world. There will be readings on the history of medicine, particularly CAM, and guest speakers at most classes, speaking on their area of practice within CAM. Additionally there will be readings in each of the areas presented. The course will also include an overview of the majority of the theoretical model of Oriental Medicine, so that students have a chance to look in depth at one model within the CAM methodologies. At each session there will also be a time for practice of mindfulness meditation, and for students to share their experiences in meditation.

For Laura, this is a dream-come-true because she has hoped for 30 years to someday bring her education and experience to the University of Iowa as an educator.