Fall Sinus Infections with Fungi

Lots of people are having sinus infections about now. It may be a combination of the cooler weather and damp air that releases mold spores into the air. It could be the fact that they are harvesting the crops, releasing dust and more mold into the air. It could be the fact that this is the season of Metal, and the Metal element is related to the respiratory system including the nose. Funny how that works.

New research over the past few years has shown that in something like 80% of all sinus infections, fungal infection is present. That may explain why you take an antibiotic for the infection and it does not quite clear things up. That antibiotic can only kill bacteria, not fungi. So, we have to use specialized materials to get that mold in your nose under control.

Here at Acupuncture of Iowa, we like to use herbal materials with anti-fungal properties to treat sinus infections. Thyme, Tumeric, Berberine from Scutellaria (all part of the Chinese as well as western herb pharmacies), are part of a product called Sinutrol that we really like. It also has N-acetyl Cysteine to help the immune system, Andrographis for the immune system, Eleuthro for the immune system, Bromelain to rid the body of inflammatory metabolites, and licorice root to ‘harmonize’ the formula. This product is source from Orthomolecular products, a company that bases all of their products on recent research.

Acupuncture is also very useful to assist the immune system in battling an infection, as well as opening up the sinuses so they can drain. We have great results with acupuncture for sinus problems.

Call us if you suspect you have a sinus infection. We can help.