Quit Smoking with Acupuncture Help

Still Smoking even with the threat of COVID?

Quit smoking with acupuncture help today. I know you have certainly heard that COVID is a respiratory disease, and it has been shown to be much more dangerous and fatal for people with all types of lung conditions. This makes it more important than ever to stop smoking. Perhaps you have a loved one who still smokes and has not been successful stopping.

You can quit smoking with Acupuncture help now, and we know more than ever about how best to help you. Using acupuncture rather than just stopping by itself has been found to be much more effective. In a large review of several research papers on acupuncture for stopping smoking, it was found that acupuncture alone worked well, but when combined with counseling and other supports it was even more effective. This is heartening to hear, and is the foundation of my treatment protocol where I combine acupuncture with coaching.

You may have a friend who never smoked again after an acupuncture treatment in a hotel ballroom where 600 people listened to a presentation and then had the amazing treatment. I have heard that story time and time again. And that person never smoked again. I have not seen such amazing results in my practice and imagine that the powerful placebo effect as well as some well done hypnosis might have been the main thing making the change in those people.

I probably don’t have the abilities of that person leading 600 people in a hotel ballroom, but I have recently had additional training in ear acupuncture, and have obtained a new protocol that, in addition to helping stop cravings, also helps the body get rid of toxins associated with smoking. This really helps the person feel better fast while in the early stages without cigarettes. This protocol holds enormous hope for helping more people stop smoking.

In my new program, the person would be expected to attend a series of treatments, with the first one being devoted to a careful evaluation and comprehensive coaching session on smoking cessation. I have lots of experience as an addictions counselor, so I am uniquely qualified to do this. At each session there will be a brief coaching session to help sustain the momentum of the behavior change and offer new skills.

The first week of the program the person would come for an initial visit of about an hour and a half. After that, short sessions every day for 4 days. The second week they’d come three times a week, the third week twice, and the fourth week once. Between sessions, there will be either magnets, beads or needles placed in the ears that will greatly assist with the program.

As part of the counseling aspect, we will discuss triggers, hints for success, and learning alternative behaviors to replace smoking. We will also talk about other kinds of issues that may be making quitting smoking difficult.

The total cost of the program is $400 paid at the outset.

I feel very comfortable saying that this program would be successful for anyone who follows the recommendations and attends all the sessions.  I look forward to helping more people win their health back and prevent serious effects of COVID infection.

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