Acupuncture for Allergies and Sinus

We are seeing many patients now for summer allergies and sinus infections. Acupuncture is very effective at calming down allergies and assisting the immune system to clear up sinus infections. Often we might combine herbs or supplements to assist the acupuncture treatments.

One of the important supplements that can really help respiratory inflammation is Quercitin. Along with Rutin and Hesperidin, these bioflavenoids reduce the histamine secretion that causes redness and swelling in tissues that are irritated, such as in a bug bite. Taking these, along with other materials such as turmeric and ginger can really help the reduce the sensitivity to allergens and respiratory irritations that come along with summer. We recommend Flavonoids, from Intensive Nutrition Services, or D-Hist from Orthomolecular Products for this problem. They have become very popular items in the clinic for this problem.

Sinus infections also often involve a fungal component. Yes, it is an awful thought that you might have fungus in your nose, but this explains why, after a course or two of antibiotics you may still have the swelling and discharge from a sinus infection. Research shows that nearly 80% of all sinus infections have a fungal component. We recommend Sinatrol from Orthomolecular Products for this problem.

Be sure to prepare for fall allergies now instead of waiting till they are full blown with ragweed and falling leaves and mold. Call us for a consultation or to set up an acupuncture treatment.