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Putting down your phone may help you live longer–NYT article

Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer By raising levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol, our phone time may also be threatening our long-term health. Image CreditCreditRaúl Soria By Catherine Price    New York Times April 24, 2019 If you’re like many people, you may have decided that you want to spend less time … Continue reading Putting down your phone may help you live longer–NYT article

New Perspectives on Japanese Acupuncture

Laura has just returned from a 3-day seminar with a renowned Japanese acupuncturist, Tsuyoshi Shimamura, from Osaka Japan. The seminar was held in Portland, OR, where Laura has been attending similar seminars all of this year. This seminar was a great reminder of how very simple, focused interventions can sometimes make a bigger change than … Continue reading New Perspectives on Japanese Acupuncture

Research is Positive on Chinese Herbals for Cancer

There’s growing acceptance that herbal medicines could be effective for medical conditions, but the scientific evidence to vault such a treatment into an approved drug is often lacking. As Shirley Wang explains on Lunch Break, researchers are making progress on a cancer treatment based on a common herbal combination in Chinese medicine.

Dr. Terry Wahls Nutrition at our Clinic

After attending Terry Wahls talk, Acupuncture of Iowa promotes her approach to nutrition, as it is in line with the Oriental Medical perspective on healing the body with diet and nutrition. Dr. Wahls book is available for purchase at the clinic.